CKA provides independent nutrition advice to dairy farmers in Somerset & Dorset. We offer a personal, proactive approach to customer service and understand that each farming business has its own unique requirements and goals.

Our independent ethos means we have access to several suppliers of fixed formulation dairy cakes & bespoke blends that we tailor to your needs. Sourcing over 22,000t of feed annually keeps prices very competitive and provides transparent value for money. We recover a margin from the feed suppliers, which covers the cost of the nutrition advice we offer. Alternatively, we offer a chargeable service for nutrition consultancy – the customer decides!

We are lucky enough to deal with a broad range of very successful businesses, from 6000 to 12,500 litres and are humbled by their continued support. Much of our growth has come directly from their kind recommendation.

For advice on the basis of what you need rather than what we can sell, backed up by a genuine interest in dairy cows and doing the job properly, please contact us.

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